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New Years Eve Expedition on Jan 01, 2009 at 12:56:08 am
Jim Ross, Shellee Graham and I, led by Dawn Wells (of the Rock Cafe) tromped thru the brush east of Sapulpa, looking at an old F.A.P. marker along a stretch of original 66 abandoned in 1960(a concrete marker with a brass shield giving data on the date and contract of a road this case 1927). We also investegated several rock/mortar flood control structures which may date back to the pre-66 days of the Ozark trail.

Work on restoring the Rock Cafe in Sapulpa is proceeding, with a contactor and workers on site restoring the rock walls and adding new lumber.

Another reason to visit Sapulpa was for Jim and Shellee to meet a rep of a Tulsa printers, who delivered copies of their brand new Roadside postcard book. More on this later.

I wish work on my gallery was progressing as well! I'm finding that an old house (added onto over many decades) is more than enough to keep me busy (try going a week without plumbing because of a sewer problem). But in this new year I will be working to convert my shop building into a gallery. In the meantime, please call and see if you can catch me at home, or check my online gallery.

I wish everyone on 66 (and those who admire it from afar) a very Happy New Year!


Misc Recent happenings on Nov 12, 2008 at 4:28:50 pm
A lot going on recently. Back on October 23 and 24 I gave a bus tour from Tulsa ot Galena KS in connection with the National Preservation Conference held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jim Ross gave the western tour, and the tours were repeated so that attendees could take both if they wished. I was lucky to have Kaisa Barthuli of the National Park Service along to help with the technical preservation questions! My tour group was very impressed with meeting the people along the way at stops at the Blue Whale, Afton Station, Coleman Theatre, Baxter Springs, and 4 Women on the Route in Galena.

Next, I had to replace the 40 year old heat/ac unit in my house! (and you wonder why my gallery is not done yet!). Spendy!!!! But I do have work on display at the North End Gallery at 720 Manvel in downtown Chandler (Wes and Judy Loper have their opening exhibit there 11-14 6-9 pm).

Croc Lyle (TX Assoc prez), Jim Conkle (Route 66 Alliance Chair) and Vickie Ashcroft of the Enchanted Trails RV Park in Albuquerque stopped by the other day on the way back from a Rte 66 conference in St Louis. That is the best part of living off of Rte 66...I get to visit much more with my (old and new) Route 66 friends.

Perkins OK Car Show on Sep 30, 2008 at 3:43:37 pm
I attended this show last Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and the quality/variety of cars. I must have shot around 380 digital photos of old cars for future painting inspiration.

There was a large flock of Studebakers there, including a much modified 53 belonging to StudiePete. Once I get my gallery up and running (I'm working on it but progress is slow!) he plans to have the local Stude club chapter come by for a visit. As the past owner of a couple of Hawks (wish I'd kept the 59 Silver Hawk I sold in 1986) I look forward to that day.

I also had the good luck to buy a pair of old gas pumps at a bargain price: a Wayne 500 (circa 1950) and a Wayne 605 (circa 1957) from a former gas station (now an " antique/junk store" in Perkins). They need a few parts and restoration. but are in pretty good shape and will end up in front of the gallery.

Perkins is south of Stillwater on Hwy 33. I'll definitely go to the next one...maybe with my 57 Chevy Wagon (a "twenty footer" but with personality).

Second edition visitors on Sep 24, 2008 at 5:37:59 pm
John and Ronda Stafford of Oregon stopped by yesterday in their modern Mini convertible. They are the FIRST visitors to drop by who were using the Second Edition of the EZ 66 Guide.


Kiwi Invasion on Sep 08, 2008 at 8:19:11 pm
Just had the nicest bunch of Harley riders from New Zealand stop by. They were following the EZ Guide, and having a great time. Jodi Tomlin of Auckland organized the trip, and they are headed west on 66, on their bikes which they shipped over! Good people, all.

EZ 66 Guide SECOND EDITION on Sep 04, 2008 at 2:55:53 pm
The second edition of the EZ 66 Guide is now out!

Despite a change in cover color itís the same EZ 66 Guide that has accompanied tourists on their Route 66 expeditions since it was first published in 2005: 200 pages containing over 200 maps, direction both west AND eastbound, mom and pop recommendations and much more.

This second edition features all of the revisions necessitated by the evolution of Route 66 over the last 3 years (about 90 pages worth), eliminating the need for those with earlier versions to study a list of revisions. All previous updates through the end of June 2008 are present and accounted for.

Check for ordering info (or see the link on the EZ66 Update page).

You will still be able to get updates for any version of the EZ Guide here at

New website! on Jul 01, 2008 at 7:59:57 pm
Finally, thanks to the hard work of Adam Croft from Manchester England (who had the good fortune to marry my eldest niece Rachel) I now have a website dedicated to my Route 66 artwork!

You'll also find updates for the EZ 66 Guide, and directions on how to visit my "brick and mortar" gallery (when I get it finished!).

If you're interested in buying a particular painting but would like to examine it closer, I'd be happy to email a higher resolution image.

Thanks for visiting, and holler if you need anything.

Jerry McClanahan (McJerry)

NOTE: website contents copyright 2008 Jerry McClanahan all rights reserved

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