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Kiwi Invasion on Sep 08, 2008 at 8:19:11 pm
Just had the nicest bunch of Harley riders from New Zealand stop by. They were following the EZ Guide, and having a great time. Jodi Tomlin of Auckland organized the trip, and they are headed west on 66, on their bikes which they shipped over! Good people, all.

EZ 66 Guide SECOND EDITION on Sep 04, 2008 at 2:55:53 pm
The second edition of the EZ 66 Guide is now out!

Despite a change in cover color itís the same EZ 66 Guide that has accompanied tourists on their Route 66 expeditions since it was first published in 2005: 200 pages containing over 200 maps, direction both west AND eastbound, mom and pop recommendations and much more.

This second edition features all of the revisions necessitated by the evolution of Route 66 over the last 3 years (about 90 pages worth), eliminating the need for those with earlier versions to study a list of revisions. All previous updates through the end of June 2008 are present and accounted for.

Check for ordering info (or see the link on the EZ66 Update page).

You will still be able to get updates for any version of the EZ Guide here at

New website! on Jul 01, 2008 at 7:59:57 pm
Finally, thanks to the hard work of Adam Croft from Manchester England (who had the good fortune to marry my eldest niece Rachel) I now have a website dedicated to my Route 66 artwork!

You'll also find updates for the EZ 66 Guide, and directions on how to visit my "brick and mortar" gallery (when I get it finished!).

If you're interested in buying a particular painting but would like to examine it closer, I'd be happy to email a higher resolution image.

Thanks for visiting, and holler if you need anything.

Jerry McClanahan (McJerry)

NOTE: website contents copyright 2008 Jerry McClanahan all rights reserved

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